September 23, 2018 at 4:00pm
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Join us at Benevity, overlooking the Bow River and Calgary skyline, on Sunday, September 23 for an evening exploring the art of Winefulness with all proceeds going to support Knight’s Cabin Cancer Retreats. Featuring renowned wine guide, Mark Bata, and Mindfulness instructor, Dr. Lisa Belanger, founder of Knight's Cabin Cancer Retreats and CEO of ConsciousWorks.

Winefulness is the combination of wine appreciation and mindfulness. Wine tasting being the sensory examination and evaluation of wine, and mindfulness being the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. 

About Our Wine Guide, Mark Bata

Mark Bata is part of the team at Bonvida Wines. In 2006, Bonvida began operations in Calgary, Alberta. Since then we have continued to carefully select producers from around the world to join our portfolio with emphasis on sustainable viticulture and winery practices, making wine with the greatest respect for nature and terroir.

About Our Mindfulness Guide, Dr. Lisa Belanger

Dr. Lisa Belanger is founder of Knight's Cabin Cancer Retreats and CEO of ConsciousWorks. With a PhD in health behaviour change, she teaches individuals from executives, care givers, entrepreneurs and athletes mindfulness techniques and how to make these practices a habit. 

About Knight’s Cabin

Knight’s Cabin Cancer Retreats was created to be a catalyst for positive health behaviour change. We host retreats across Canada for cancer patients and their loved ones where we teach research-based health behaviours– nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. We integrate behavioural change research to improve their chance of success. This is done in a supportive community of other people with cancer and retreats are offered at no cost to the survivors/their supporter.